Fullbore Target Shooting

At Gosford, we are a competitive target rifle club, and shoot under the National Rifle Association of Australia rules.

We shoot various ranges from 300m through to 600m at our range, at electronic targets with specified 6 ring aiming marks to international standards. The disciplines we shoot include Target Rifle, F Class (Open, FTR and Standard categories) and Sporting Hunter/Production Class.

We cater for the competitive dedicated Target shooters, social shooters, and new comers to the sport who wish to improve their marksmanship and wind reading skills.

The disciplines:

Full bore target rifle shooting has it’s origins dating back over 160 years in this Country, and has a strong history with military marksmanship. Current rules are for 308 Winchester, or 223 Remington chambered rifles, to a maximum weight of 7.5kg. Rifles are equipped with open sights (aperture sights), and a sling for support. Shooters shoot from the prone position. This is a current Commonwealth Games shooting sport and internationally recognised.

F Class. Allows for rifles of various calibres equipped with telescopic sights (Scopes) and fired off front rest or bipod, and a rear sandbag.

  • F Class Standard is for 308 or 223 chambered rifles to a maximum of 8.5kg weight, front rest can be bipod or solid adjustable front rest, and a rear rest consisting of a sandbag. Unlimited powered scopes can be used.
  • F Class Open is for rifles of any chambering up to 8mm calibre (certain energy limits are set based on range approvals), to a maximum weight of 10kg. Rifles are supported on front rests and rear sandbags and unlimited powered scopes are used.
  • F Class TR is for rifles chambered in 308 or 223 that must be shot from a bipod and rear sandbag. Rifles can be to a maximum weight of 8.25kg INCLUDING the front bipod.

Sporting Hunter/Production Class. Designed for off the shelf rifle’s in either hunting, sporting, or tactical configuration. Scope to be to a maximum of 32 power, and a maximum weight of 6.5kg (rules still being confirmed and updated).