Target Shooting at Gosford?

Fullbore target rifle shooting, with Target Rifle, F Class, or sporting rifles, is conducted in accordance with our national bodies standard shooting rules. We shoot at circular aiming marks that have 6 rings and a ‘super centre’. For a club competition on a Saturday afternoon, we shoot two “stages”. Each stage comprises of two convertible sighting shots, followed by 10 scoring shots to record a stage score. For Target Rifle and Sporting Rifles, the 5 ring is the maximum score and you receive a score out of 50 points. For the F Class disciplines due to the more accurate rifles and sighting, we shoot one ring smaller at a maximum per shot of 6, and score for each stage out of 60. A smaller “centre” gives us an additional countback score to separate competitors. The two are combined (but not added) to give a score such as 47.6 which would be 47 out of 50, with 6 of those shots within the smaller countback centre.

After two stages, the scores are totaled to give a score out of 100, with a maximum of 20 centres for target rifle and for sporting rifle, and out of 120 with up to 20 super centres.

What is a Typical Saturday Afternoon?

Starting at 12.30, we set up the range. The targets are put up in the butts (they are 1.8m x 1.8m in size and relatively heavy with the electronics). The mound is setup with the scorers monitors, and gazebo’s if its overly hot or raining. (we still shoot in the rain unless we cant see the targets).

At around 1pm, the range is opened and we start shooting. Each shooter shoots a single stage of 2 sighters and 10 scoring shots, and then packs up their gear and leaves the mound, and records the scores for the next shooter. We roll through this twice so each shooter get 2x stages of 10 scoring shots. if there is time, additional shooting stages can be undertaken. Typically we will have between 15 and 30 shooters in attendance, and will have 4 of 5 targets in the butts. We would normally be all complete by 3.30pm and then pack up the mound and put the targets away.

Membership and Fees

Yearly membership covers our insurances and our state/national body association fees, as well as our individual club membership. Current membership is $300 per annum for a senior member.

Weekly Range fees of $15 per week are in place to cover the ongoing use, repair and maintenance of the electronic targets.

Ammunition: Club ammunition (when available) is available for 223 Remington (69gr sierra MK projectiles) and 308 Winchester (155gr sierra MK projectiles) at $1.80 per round. 24 shots are required for 2x stages for a Saturday shoot. Note that most of our members reload, and this lowers the cost per round significantly.